Swim and Stay Healthy.


Many people quickly feel a sense of relief when entering a swimming pool. Not requiring many skills from swimmers, a pool can be used by anyone regardless of age or weight. The whole body exercise allows you to move freely in an aerobic way, thus improving mental and physical well-being.

Furthermore, moving in water can increase lung capacity, reduce asthma complaints and help the regulation of blood sugar levels. This is why patients with type 2 diabetes, in particular, should try to swim at least twice a week.

The organs which benefit the most from such exercise are the heart and lungs, because it allows your body to use its Oxygen supply more effectively and helps your muscles to strengthen. Moreover, water can work as efficient therapy with regard to stress, anxiety and depression.. Lowering your stress, the water will help you to release tension and free yourself from everyday pressures.

by Seyma Nur Demir

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