The Natural Healthful Living platform is a highly dedicated group of volunteers from different countries around the globe, with a variety of backgrounds in their fields of work and interests. The focus of their efforts and research is to produce easily obtainable information on important aspects of natural and healthy living.

The editorial and author group consist of both junior and senior academics and clinicians in various fields of medicine, surgery and biomedical sciences (doctors, professors, researchers, molecular biologists, medical students, dieticians, food scientists, diabetologists) as well as specialists in mathematics, theology, psychology and sociology. Specialist experts outside the editorial team are also invited to review and author articles where appropriate.

The published articles on the website are then translated into different languages including German and Turkish. We will strive to add further languages to our website, where possible.

Regular weekly web meetings are held by the authors and editorial team to discuss updates and future strategies for the website. The content of the most recently submitted articles are reviewed and regulated  for their accuracy and practicality. This ensures that there is a continuous focus on the goal for the website; to produce consistent and reliable information which will promote a more natural and healthy lifestyle!

Prof. Ismail Gögenur

DMSc, Consultant Dept. Surgery Center for Surgical Science Zealand University Hospital, Denmark

Dr. Abdullatif Aydin

Urology Research Fellow, Guy’s Hospital, King’s College London, UK

Dr.Tibor Altenberger 

Study of Genetics in Vienna, London , PhD in Genetics , University of Vienna , Austria

Dr. Hatice Ucar Altenberger   

Doctor in general medical training, Medical university of Vienna, Austria

Elif Cerman Erdogmus

Physican, Gastroenterology, University of Düsseldorf, Germany

Adile Orhan

Faculty of Medicine, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Nazife Kayabasi

Master Food Science and Technology, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna, Austria

Serpil Dal   

Diabetes Assistant, Study nurse in the Charity, Berlin Germany

Tuba Gogenur

Faculty of Theology İstanbul University Turkey

Askar Abdukarimov

Computer Engineering, Duisburg Essen University, Germany

Halis Dal

Coordinator, Natural healthful living Platform, Berlin, Germany

Ibrahim Selman Baktir

Math Teacher, PhD Student at Newcastle University, UK

Abdulaziz Kholmatov

Computer Engineering, Duisburg Essen University, Germany

Sena Islam Celebi

Sociology , Bilgi University of Istanbul ,Turkey

Rumeysa Soylu

Psychology, University of Vienna, Austria

Sumeyye Demir

Sociology, Frankfurt University, Germany

Hatice Coban

Architect, Edirne Trakya University, Turkey

Husna Ates

Geschwister-Scholl-Gymnasium, Ludwigshafen, Germany

Serifa Aydin

English Literature Master of Arts University of Essex, London , UK

Fadl Dal

Mechanical Engineering, Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin, Germany

Nesibe Derin

Technology Management, University of Stuttgart, Germany

Saliha Demirci

High School, District school Mümmelmannsberg, Hamburg, Germany

Edib Unal

Bachelor of Commerce  Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia

Fatma Karakoyun

Digital Media Marketing, University of Kaiserslautern, Germany

Zahide Baktir

Nutrition and Dietetics,  Medipol University of Istanbul, Turkey

Merve Culha

Early childhood and elementary education, University of Education Heidelberg, Germany

For a society more dynamic and energetic in mind, body and soul, we aim to raise individuals who are mindful of how health and wellbeing affect their lives.

By using reliable sources of knowledge, we wish to raise a platform that can serve and educate our 8 billion population in how to live a natural and healthful life that is in touch with our natural state of being.

To establish a society which is formed of people who are
Physically and mentally healthy, happy and in peace,
Bound to personal values such as virtue, spirituality and morality and universal values such as justice, love, courtesy and consensus,
In terms of knowledge and skills,  act on the best possible evidence,
Highly skilled, educated, cultured, well-mannered, foresight, in good judgement and wise,
Loving his / her country, nation and all the humanity; generating love-based service,
By understanding events with their real dimensions, being able to act wisely by a critical and analytical thinking,
Grasping the importance and the fundamental principles of good, natural and healthy diet,
Well-informed about food production and nutritional values,
Acquired ability to investigate food additives and their effects,
Being in an endeavor to constitute an awareness in society and in his / her close and distant environment,
Trying to be a model for the society he/she lives in with the effort to get into the habit of knowledge and skill about good and healthy nutrition and living
To protect and beautify the local and global environment;
To struggle for re-establishment of deteriorating human and environment relations.
To strive for understanding global initiatives on good and healthy living and put them into perspectives of a European context

As a platform, to collect evidence of  and when possible to initiate studies on the method of collecting and disseminating knowledge related to good and healthy living by means of scientific and modern methods, devices and use the best information technology,

To establish literature related to good and healthy food and to carry out required studies for publications,

Preservation, beautification and development of the natural environment and natural resources through the belief that they are common property of all mankind,

To carry out studies to understand, promote and contribute to the formation of systematic knowledge of good and healthy food; define all kinds of activities that will contribute to the development of social awareness,

To enable coordination among various profession experts, the intellectual, specialists, educators, merchants, industrialists and similar social and professional groups, to compose workgroups and to prepare reports to obtain real, true and precise knowledge related to good and healthy food and healthy life,

To give good and healthy food training to occupational groups that may be associated with the supply of healthy food,

To organize events related to healthy food, such as meetings, press conferences, lectures, seminars, etc. for the participation of academics and opinion-makers,

To create an advisory board (Good and Healthy Food Advisory Board) from people who can contribute to the development of the projects related to good and healthy food,

To disseminate studies on good and healthy food by written, oral, visual and interactive media,

To carry out studies on training, research, etc. with public and private organizations, broadcasting organizations and media organs, commercial, corporate, research organizations, non-governmental organizations (foundations, associations, platforms, etc.)  and universities through signed bilateral protocols,

To carry out research about finding sponsors; to make agreements with found commercial companies or individuals, non-governmental or governmental organizations, and society organizations,

To carry out announcements, promotional programs and campaigns through written, vocal, visual and interactive media with regards to good and healthy food activities; to cooperate for such activities with public agencies, national-international non-governmental organizations and any other platforms,

To generate visual, auditory, artistic, written, printed materials used in web media related to good and healthy food activities and to share with various parts of the society; to cooperate with various government agencies, national-international non-governmental organizations and any other platforms in order to produce these materials.

Individuals and legal entities that adopted aims of the platform may participate in the platform. Invitations may be sent to the individuals and institutions that are approved to participate in the platform. Individuals and institutions wishing to participate in the platform may apply to the Coordination Group to state their desire; legal entities present the decision of the authorized bodies. Members of the platform may be accepted with the unanimous decision of the members of the Coordination Group.

Members who are contrary to the purpose of the platform and carrying out activities against the platform are removed from membership by unanimous decision of the members of the management group.

The principal coordinator is selected by the Coordination Group to serve for a period of one year. The current principal coordinator shall continue in office until the new coordinator is elected. It is possible to select more than one coordinator.

Prof. Dr. Fatih Gültekin is an honorary member of the Coordination Group